3.1MP Color Global-Shutter CMOS USB 3.0 Microscope Camera

3.1MP Color Global-Shutter CMOS USB 3.0 Microscope Camera

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Product Code: MU313-GS
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This pinnacle in imaging-technology provides high sensitivity and speed with global-shutter sca...

Product Description

This pinnacle in imaging-technology provides high sensitivity and speed with global-shutter scanning. The MU313-GS uses Sony's cutting-edge 3.1-megapixel global-shutter CMOS sensor for high resolution with high quantum-efficiency. Larger pixels are used to increase well-capacity, improving sensitivity and dynamic-range. This translates to shorter exposure-times, lower noise, and the ability to better capture faint emissions. The global shutter improves imaging of moving subjects through simultaneous pixel-capture, avoiding the focal-plane distortion seen in rolling-shutter sensors.

With software available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, this camera package is a multi-platform imaging solution. The included Windows software offers image-development and measurement tools, as well as advanced compositing features such as image-stitching and extended-depth-of-focus. With the ability to calibrate scales at multiple magnifications, the software can be used for multi-level inspection. Independent preview and capture resolutions allow you to view high-speed video while simultaneously capturing high-definition images. For Mac and Linux, there is a lite version of the software which can capture video and still images, and includes limited processing features.


SensorSensor TypeTransfer MethodBinningSensitivity 
Sony IMX265Color CMOSGlobal Shutter1x11146mv @ 1/30s
Optical FormatSensor SizePixelsPixel SizeAspect Ratio
1/1.8"7.07mm x 5.30mm
8.84mm diagonal
3.1M3.45µm x 3.45µm4:3


Spectral Range 
(IR Cut Filter)
Frame Rate(s) 
Exposure TimeConnectivity
380nm - 650nm53fps @ 2048x1536
85fps @ 1024x768
0.1ms - 15sUSB 3.0
Lens-mountCompensating LensPowerCompatibility
C-mount0.5X5V over USBWindows (32/64 bit) XP/Vista/7/8/10, Mac OSX, Linux


OS RequirementsWindows (32/64 bit) XP/Vista/7/8/10, Mac OS 10.8+, Linux kernel 3.13+
Hardware RequirementsIntel Core2 2.8GHz or comparable processor, 2GB RAM, USB3.0 port for maximum speed
Windows Version
Live video preview
Captures still images and video
Time-lapse capture
Exposure and white-balance controls
Dark-field correction
Digital binning
Image processing
Measurement tools, including lines, arcs, polygons
Segmentation and counting tools
Image-stitching, extended depth-of-field, HDR
Fluorescence color-mapping
Mac/Linux Versions
Live video preview
Captures still images and video
Exposure and white-balance controls


  • One USB3.0 Digital Camera
  • One reduction lens
  • Two Sizing adapters
  • One 6' (1.8m) USB cable
  • One CD with software and instructions
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