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Darkfield Brochure
Ceramic Stage
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Please note that each model comes with a different configuration as indicated in the product brochure ( link below pricing). Please select which model you would like to purchase before adding it to your cart. If you need any assistance please email and we will happily assist you in choosing the perfect model for your purpose.

The iScope is available in various configurations suitable for Life and Biomedical Sciences, high schools, universities but also for routine medical applications

Besides the brightfield contrast method, configurations for phase contrast, cardioid mirror darkfield, basic polarization and several epi-illumination sources for fluorescence applications can be used. iScope models with multi-heads are also available for teaching purposes 

Shipping ETA on all Euromex items is 4-6 weeks.

If you require any additional accessories listed in the brochures please email for a quotation.

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