WALLIS Zeta Potential Analyzer

WALLIS Zeta Potential Analyzer

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WALLISζTM is an innovative high-resolution Zeta potential analyzer purely dedicated to nanoparticle and colloidal charge characterization.Based on a modern version of Laser Doppler Electrophoresis (LDE) techniqueIdeal tool...

Product Description

WALLISζTM is an innovative high-resolution Zeta potential analyzer purely dedicated to nanoparticle and colloidal charge characterization.

Based on a modern version of Laser Doppler Electrophoresis (LDE) technique

Ideal tool for studying colloidal suspension’s stability and nanoparticles’ electrophoretic properties

Key benefits

  • No electro-osmosis → Artifact-free measurements
  • Improved LDE technology → Efficient, reliable & simple
  • High-resolution measurement → Accurate & repeatable Zeta potential analysis
  • High durability electrodes → robustness & cost-effectiveness
  • Designed for standard disposable and quartz cuvette → Easy-to-fill, compatible with organic solvents and high-pH suspensions
  • Advanced software functionalities (Time, pH, Temperature kinetic modes, SOPs, reporteditor, etc.)
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) software

Technologies & innovations

  • Simple and easy sample preparation ; no risk of bubble
  • Robust : high durability vitreous carbon electrodes
  • Artifact-free : optimized dip cell electrodes design → no electro-osmosis bias
  • High resolution measurements : sampling frequency 30 times higher than competitors / significantly improving measurement resolution down to 0,1 mV

Main characteristics

  • Zeta potential measurement range: -200mV to +200 mV
  • High resolution measurement: better than 0.1 mV
  • Dip cell with unique high durability amorphous carbon electrodes
  • ZetaQ proprietary software (lien vers onglet ZetaQ)
  • Compliant with ISO 13099-2 Colloidal system – methods for Zeta potential determination – Part 2

Zeta potential (ζ)

is a fundamental property of colloidal suspension related to the effective surface electrical charges of particles immersed in a solvent.

ζ measurement is very important because it gives an indication on formulation stability and electrophoretic properties of NPs. Zeta potential is measured by the well-known technique of Laser Doppler Electrophoresis.

Laser Doppler Electrophoresis principle :

An alternative electrical field/voltage is applied between two electrodes immersed deeply in the colloidal suspension; the charged particles are forced into a translation motion (electrophoresis) with a speed (ν) proportional to the applied electrical field. The electrophoretic mobility is defined by the ratio between the particle speed and the applied field amplitude.


A software fully-dedicated to Zeta potential measurement for WALLIS featuring :

  • User-friendly and intuitive GUI
  • User-defined Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs)
  • Programmable kinetic experiments (Zeta vs T° / pH / time)
  • Post-data processing
  • Exhaustive solvent database
  • Automatic report editor for results presentation and saving
  • Experiments and results storage in database.

ZetaQ is designed to guide the user in a very simple and intuitive way, through the different steps of a measurement, as does NanoQ. Its access menu allows to select in one click an operating mode :

  • Measurement
  • Analyze Data
  • Parameters
  • User Management

ZetaQ control interface

  • All information (Sample, Device, SOP, Measurements, etc.) accessible on the same panel
  • No tedious cascaded menus or scrolling bars

  • Measurements started and analyzed with few clicks

Three different user settable kinetic modes : ζ vs. time, ζ vs. pH, ζ vs. sample Temperature

Three measurement resolutions: Low (<1 mv), Medium (<0.5 mv), High (<0.1 mv).

The data Viewer:

Advanced data-viewer for data post-processing :

  • Select experiments results and data from different users databases
  • Visualize them separately or superimposed on the same graph in the Analysis page

  • Display fits, zoom, select or discard results, change the solvent properties, etc

The Analysis page:

  • Zeta potential and mobility measurements with their fits, averaged values and sigma (standard deviation) for each experiment displayed
  • Possibility to select or discard individual measurements

  • Possibility to save experiment results and create report

Embedded Solvent Database:

  • About 100 referenced solvents
  • Refractive index, viscosity and dielectric constant data vs. temperature
  • Import your selected solvent proper ties in just one click
  • Create and add your own solvent to the database

  • Define its characteristics vs. temperature with various predefined interpolation models

The User management tool:

  • Create/edit user’s profile (First name, login , password, etc)
  • Three different categories of users (admin, expert, operator)

  • Define access level to software advanced functionalities

Automatic measurement report editor:

  • Visualize, edit, print and save a complete measurement report
  • Contains all sample and measurement results information
  • Generated in just one click

ZetaQ integrates many other advanced functionalities (customizable report edition, measurement replay mode, advanced analysis high accuracy mode, ) that we invite you to discover on our video. For more information, please contact us

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