The BennyZA affiliate partner program (BAPP) allows participating organisations/individuals to earn money by promoting to visitors to their websites

In order to become an affiliate, you first need to register as a customer on, and then fill in the affiliate application online. Approval requests are reviewed upon a peer-peer basis and may take several days.

You will earn a pre-determined commission percentage of the order for each customer that you refer. Commission percentages are determined by the tier table listed at the bottom. Earnings for a referred customer are continuous and are done per order that the referred customer makes. This allows for a continuous earning stream for our affiliated partners. No commission is earned on unfulfilled, canceled or refunded orders.

Payment will be done by EFT to South African banks ONLY. Commission will only be earned upon completed orders that have delivered. Payment will be done 30 days after the successful delivery of the order and at the end of the calendar month. All payments are processed between the 1st-5th of the following month


Referrals are tracked using a "cookie" that is set when the person clicks on one of your specially formatted links. You will be given the format of your links when become an affiliate. Your BAPP code is unique to your registered account only and cannot be shared with another registered account

When your unique affiliate link is clicked, our tracking software will assign a cookie towards that visitor during their browsing session. If that visitor creates an account during that session then you will be recorded as their referrer and earn commission on any item they purchase. If the person already has one of our referral cookies set when your link is clicked, the existing cookie takes precedence.

Referrals are only recorded using the mechanism above. We cannot change or set a person's referrer once that person has registered on


The program is open to but not limited to website owners, bloggers, content creators and social media influencers

You may not include links on your website if your website contains material that is deemed to be of an offensive, racist, or pornographic nature. Inclusion of the above discrepancies may result in termination of participation in the affiliate programme.

If we change the affiliate fees, then the new fees will apply to all referrals that become eligible for payment from that point onward, even if the referred customer registered before the change.

Payment will only be processed to a South African bank account.

The sole use of the affiliate link is to drive traffic to and increase product sales. Any page on your website that makes use of product information provided by must have a clear and visible link to relevant product page or pages on the website. Product data must be treated confidentially and may not be disseminated to third parties other than as outlined above. will never disclose any affiliate partner or referred visitor details.



Either or you may close the affiliate account at any time and without notice. reserve the right to terminate your account if deemed appropriate by staff. In the event of such termination, you agree to remove all links to from your website and delete all product-related data provided by from your computers within 14 days of the closure of the affiliate account, including data in original form and parts and modified versions thereof. No commissions accrue to closed accounts.

Banned accounts may request for a peer review to get unbanned.

These affiliate program guidelines should be read in conjunction with the normal Terms and Conditions of Use.