New Products

Model: SM-6T
Manufacturer: AmScope

Price: R12,325.00

7X-45X stereo continuous zoom magnification power Super widefield sharp clear erect stereo images 1-1/4" super widefield of view and 4" ... more info

Model: H800-10MA
Manufacturer: AmScope

Price: R19,546.00

11X-80X large zoom magnification offering sharp images Powerful 96-LED ring light with dimmer 10MP camera capturing still images & streaming live ... more info

Model: H800-CL
Manufacturer: AmScope

Price: R10,788.00

Large zoom magnification offering sharp images Built-in shadow-free coaxial light Metal framework with solid base plate This is a monocular ... more info

Model: ZM-4T3-FOR-3M
Manufacturer: AmScope

Price: R33,364.50

2X-45X continuous zoom 3D double-arm boom stand allowing you to point microscope head in any direction desired 14" (350mm) super large working ... more info

Model: ZM-2B
Manufacturer: AmScope

Price: R15,471.50

This binocular extreme widefield stereo microscope is a fully coated optical system with super high resolution, giving sharp and crystal clear ... more info

Model: SM-3B-FOD
Manufacturer: AmScope

Price: R14,935.00

7X-45X super widefield continuous zoom magnification Offering crystal clear super widefield stereo images Sturdy single-arm boom stand covering large ... more info

Model: SM-3B
Manufacturer: AmScope

Price: R10,005.00

7X-45X Continuous zoom magnification power Super widefield optics offers crystal clear stereo images Sturdy single-arm boom stand with cast steel ... more info

Model: SM-2T
Manufacturer: AmScope

Price: R9,236.50

7X-45X continuous zoom magnification power Super widefield optical system offering crystal clear images Top and bottom lights with separate dimmers ... more info

Model: GM400T
Manufacturer: AmScope

Price: R26,825.00

A sophisticated jewel gem microscope for professionals 7X-45X super widefield stereo zoom magnification setting Offering crisp clear brightfield / ... more info

Model: 2304
Manufacturer: Steiner

Price: R19,430.00

rubber-armored coating Imported 7x magnification is the marine standard, with a wide, stable image for tracking other boats, buoys and bridge numbers ... more info
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