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Model: 334212
Manufacturer: Bushnell

Price: R2,814.00

Bushnell's green 10x42 Trophy Binocular utilize BAK4 prisms and fully multi-coated optics to create a versatile and capable optic that produces ... more info

Model: 334211
Manufacturer: Bushnell

Price: R2,884.00

Bushnell's RealTree Xtreme camouflage 10x42 Trophy Binocular utilize BAK4 prisms and fully multi-coated optics to create a versatile and capable ... more info

Model: 4331885897
Manufacturer: Omax

Price: R5,418.00

This is an OMAX compound biological microscope with eight level magnifications from 40X to 2000X. It comes with a sliding binocular viewing head, two ... more info

Model: M827-SC100
Manufacturer: Omax

Price: R6,300.00

This is a professional compound binocular microscope with four levels of magnification: 40X-100X-400X-1000X. The compound microscope comes with a 45 ... more info

Model: M827-PHB3
Manufacturer: Omax

Price: R16,604.00

This is a phase contrast and brightfield laboratory microscope system that provides options for viewing live cells depending on your applications. ... more info

Model: M93SBDK-C10
Manufacturer: Omax

Price: R15,204.00

Features: Darkfield and brightfield observations Kohler illumination Up to 2000X high power magnification 1.3MP USB digital camera included ... more info

Model: XV434DC20C
Manufacturer: Omax

Price: R12,124.00

This is a zoom stereo trinocular microscope with continuous zoom magnification 3.5X-45X. This trinocular microscopy comes with super widefield ... more info

Model: W43D2HB-D3X2A-E30A-L12Y-HD80
Manufacturer: Omax

Price: R48,468.00

This top quality true trinocular stereo zoom microscope system utilizes a fully coated optical system with HDMI C-Mount digital microscope camera ... more info

Model: M8211-A191
Manufacturer: Omax

Price: R8,526.00

The professional binocular compound LED microscope provides both brightfield and darkfield microscope system. It offers eight level magnifications ... more info

Model: MD82ES10-SCP-WM
Manufacturer: Omax

Price: R8,764.00

This binocular compound microscope comes with a built-in 1.3MP digital binocular sliding viewing head, body frame, revolving quadruple nosepiece, two ... more info
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