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HTC Vive Memory Foam Face Foam Replacement 6mm

  • Manufactured by: HTC


  • Increase your field of view with this thinner foam replacement for the HTC Vive
  • Prevent the build up of bacteria and dirt with these easy to clean pads
  • The foam hugs your face and feel great on the skin

Remove your HTC Vive face foam and replace it with this ultra soft and easy to clean foam replacement.

This foam replacement for the HTC Vive offers far superior comfort, the foam basically hugs your face. We recommend this for sweaty and more active virtual reality experiences , whether you are sharing your Vive with friends & family or if you will be using it at an exhibition or show this is the hygiene solution you need. The soft and durable pu leather on this foam replacement is easy to clean with antibacterial wipes (we recommend non alcoholic wipes because they are better for the skin). 

It offers Increased field of view by bringing your eyes are closer to the lenses. 

Experience the HTC Vive like never before, the increased FOV brings a whole new level of immersion

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