Pulsar Digisight N870

  • Model: N870
  • Manufactured by: Yukon


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The Pulsar Digisight LRF N870 is the most advanced day/ night weapon sight in the Digisight series. It features a built-in 400m laser range finder (works night and day), one-shot zeroing, a wireless remote control, a smooth 4.5-9x zoom, a built-in 915nm laser, 13 selectable reticles, energy saving features and a freeze-frame zero function.

When Pulsar launched the first Digisight digital weapon scope in 2009, it revolutionized the night vision market. Night vision weapon sights became affordable for many people who could not afford the high price tag of imager-intensifier tube night vision. Now quite a few models on, the N780 is an accomplished piece of digital night vision (also usable during the day) and it’s clear that Pulsar has listened to the needs of shooters

The N870 is very easy to use. The focus is at the front under the built-in IR illuminator; this is used to get a crisp image at various distances. The control for brightness, contrast, zoom, and access to the menu system for zeroing, changing reticle, etc, is a dial with a button in the middle – located towards the back of the unit. Having a multi-function dial is a great idea because once you have used it a few times, it’s really easy to locate.

Integrated Laser Rangefinder

The N870 NV weapon sight is packed with features rather than gimmicks. The biggest feature by far on the unit is the laser range finder, which works night and day out to 400m –precise to ± 1m. The rangefinder options include: displaying the distance in meters or yards; measuring the true horizontal distance; and measuring the angle of elevation, which can be displayed along with the distance. 

One-Shot Zeroing & Freeze Zeroing

The N870 features two zeroing methods – “one shot” zeroing and using the ‘FREEZE’ function. With one-shot zeroing you need to have the N870 mounted. After taking a shot at a target, you can mark the point-of-impact with a digital cross, which then becomes your zero.

Freeze zeroing works in a different way. Once you have taken a shot at a target, you can a still image with the N870 and then move the digital cross to the point-of-impact.

The software inside the N870 allows you to save three points-of-impact for either three different distances or three types of ammo. You can assign a different reticle to each option.


When shooting from a high-seat and using the rangefinder it is recommended to use the True Horizontal Distance (THD) measuring mode. In this mode the rangefinder takes into account the shooter’s angle of elevation (AoE) relative to a target and calculates the true horizontal distance.

Selectable Reticles

A single reticle is electronically displayed on the screen inside the eye-piece.  The N870 has 13 different shaped reticles stored in its memory, so you can select the best one for your application. Once selected, you can also change the color of the reticle – either red or green.

Variable Magnification

The N870 magnifies from 4.5x to 9x by utilizing its quality optics and digital software. Magnification can be changed in increments and the zoom value is displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the screen. 

Energy Saving Auto Shutoff

The N870 has an auto shutoff feature where it switches off when it is in an inclined position of 70˚ vertically or 30˚ horizontally for more than 10 seconds. This can be a valuable feature because it is very easy to leave the Digisight switched on. External battery packs are available – the EPS3 will fit onto the side weaver rail and provide up to 9 hours of power. 

Video Out

The N870 is equipped with a video out jack, which can be used for real-time recording .

Wireless Remote Control

The wireless remote can be mounted onto your stock so basic operations can be accessed remotely, such as switching the N870 on and off, switching the onboard IR on/off and also activating the rangefinder.


  • A built-in 400m laser rangefinder with True Horizontal Distance (THD) and Angle of Elevation (AoE) functions which are accurate to ±1m
  • A smooth 4.5-9x zoom in 0.1x increments
  • A built-in covert 915nm laser IR illuminator (no tell-tale red glow - totally invisible to the human eye)
  • 13 selectable reticles
  • Zero function with freeze frame - once your shot has been taken, freeze the frame and align the reticle with the point of impact 
  • Resistant to bright light exposure
  • Optional external battery pack (EPS3/EPS5)
  • Three zero memory feature allowing you to save zero for three weapons or distances
  • Frost resistant OLED display which provides excellent contrast
  • Built in eye-safe laser illuminator
  • Video port to record the action
  • Wireless remote control (Power On/ Off, IR illuminator On/Off and zoom
  • Energy saving modes will automatically switch off the scope after 10 seconds if it is at a 70º vertical angle or 30º horizontal angle and a second mode that will turn off the power to the video module if it is not required
  • 67mm of eye relief
  • Wide operating temperature -20°? to +50°?
  • Quick image adjustment to suit light conditions - High Contrast/SumLightTM (heightened light amplification) modes
  • Adjustable screen brightness and contrast
  • Two positions retained lens cap
  • Rugged and lightweight body-shell

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