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Night Vision

A night vision device (NVD) is an optical instrument that allows images to be produced in levels of light approaching total darkness. They are most often used by the military and law enforcement agencies, but are available to civilian users for hunting and other outdoor activities. The term usually refers to the complete unit, include an image intensifier tube, a protective and generally water-resistant housing, and some type of a mounting system. Many night vision devices also include sacrificial lenses, IR illuminators, and telescopic lenses.

A specific type of NVD, the night vision goggle (NVG) is a night vision device with dual eyepieces. The device can utilize either one intensifier tube with the same image sent to both eyes, or a separate image intensifier tube for each eye. Night vision goggle combined with magnification lenses constitutes night vision binoculars. Other types include monocular night vision devices with only one eyepiece which may be mounted to firearms as night sights.


All offered NVD’s equipped with Gen. 2+ CGT (commercial grade II tubes) featuring resolution 45‐56 lp/mm, no selection made, some spots, dots, chicken wire or other “cosmetic” imperfections are allowed by the tube’s Manufacturer.

**Gen. 2+ HPT (high performance II tubes) featuring resolution 57‐64 lp/mm.

***All our devices with Gen. 3 are ITAR free, but only available for export after  relevant Export Permit is granted. Tubes may be offered in 3 various configurations as per item descriptions

Export control in effect. All BENNY products can be shipped ONLY upon receiving of the Export Permit.

BENNY will assist with obtaining Export Documentation. Delivery of the relevant item will depend on the issuing of the approved export licence.

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